Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Lazy

EDIT: Oops Asthenia already blogged about that League skirt in her previous blogpost *facepalms!*
Well just pretend you can't see it, yep just do that! Lalalala...

Necklace on the left lucky board, Fine
Necklace on the right lucky cupcake, Lolapop! (formerly Otaku Designs)

On the left: 7 days of the week panties subscribo gift, Mischief
In the middle: Skirt+gloves subscribo gift, League
On the right: Mustache pants group gift, Mustache

Not Free:
White top is a past freebie at Sweetest Goodbye
Hair Truth
Poses Pffiou! (store retired)


Asthenia said...

LOL <3

Just another shopaholic said...

I love your blog, what's that skin you're wearing from ROCKBERRY?

Anonymous said...

Hello JAS, it's the Uma special for the opening of the Fusion sim. Not sure you can still find it in store though but IM the designer if you want :)