Friday, January 1, 2010

It tickles!

Happy New Year everyone and all the best in whatever you are going after this year!

Here are some things I found for you guys after I got out of my zombie state this afternoon after last night's partying. Be aware that the top and jeans I am wearing on the left are not freebies but I bought them with the 250L$ giftcard Urbanity very generously sent to its subscribo members, in celebration of their new sim, so technically it makes them free :D !

Santa Beard subscribo gift, Tiny Bird
Jeans and top on the left bought with 250L$ giftcard sent via subscribo, Urbanity
Snow shoes (with very funny ao version :D) on the left subscribo gift, Miel
Dress on the right subscribo gift, Elate!
Ear mufflers subscribo gift, Bax

Not Free:
Hair 69
Shoes on the right Shiny Things
Poses Pffiou! (store retired)