Friday, May 15, 2009

[Insert Clever Title Here]

First off remember Pffiou! subscribo gift for having reached over 650 members? A lot of people contacted me to get it because they were not members yet when I sent it. As I am a bit lazy I decided to compromise and put it for sale. So come and get your own man for only 10L$! It's near the entrance next to the subsribo. Don't forget to subscribe though so you don't miss the next gifts and news.

Next I wanted to introduce you guys to a new and very clever system called Designers Showcase Network or DSN for short. When you click on a DSN kiosk you are offered the possibility to subscribe to different channels such as female, male, poses, house etc... Each of this channels will send at random and to a random number of people a sample of designers' work. In short each day you get to discover a new store and therefore broaden your shopping range.

As a designer you can buy the kiosk at Clever Things and if you want to subscribe as a customer just go to one of the participating stores and click on a kiosk.

Therefore if from now on you see us mention that we got the gifts via DSN you will know how we got it. Since the gifts are sent at random it might take you some time to get it but you can still visit the designers' store and have a shopping trip while you wait for the gifts!

What a mouthful but definitely worth reading! Now if you want to subscribe to a kiosk it just so happens I have one set up at Pffiou! and here have a look at the sample I made for DSN you will get by subscribing to the poses channel (yus that's hottie and fellow blogger Asthenia posing with me).

Sai Hime group pose DSN, Pffiou!

On the left and middle: Dress 20 minutes camping, Hal*Hina
Boots DSN, Pretties
Socks 1l, Hal*Hina
Bolero group gift in store, Hal*Hina
On the right: Dress group gift, Modd.G
Flats DSN, Pretties

Shirts subscribo gift, Zanzo

I promise next blogpost will be less talk more pictures but until then, ja ne!

Not free but I say you need it:
Pink Shorts in second picture MichaMi
Hair ETD
Skin Gauze
Poses Pffiou!