Sunday, May 31, 2009

Short & Sweet

This is a quickie post because I have to go to sleep soon. Sowwy!

I went over to Reek earlier today to browse around and saw some cute t-shirts on the wall. Four sets of men's and women's tees (two for the boys, two for the girls), each set being $5L. Yep, two cute shirts for $5L. I asked the smexy Gauge to model a boy shirt with me.

G & P Reek (LOL!)
We Reek.

Also, available, but not shown here, is an honest-to-goodness 80's style roller rink for $1L. It's super cute and would be perfect for a rezday event! As always, be sure to check out their regular priced items, you're bound to find something you'll love!

Not free:
-Hair: Truth (on me)
Paper Street Soap Co. (on Gauge)
-Pants: League (on Gauge)
-Glasses: Rawdolls (on Gauge)

Pose used: Pffiou!