Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baking Cupcakes Halloween Hunt - Updates

If you haven't got the notice in the group, or aren't in it. The Hunt has been tomorrow. Yeh I know lol. Short notice sry! I'm gonna be moving and not sure if I'll even be here at all on wednesday so I figured we could at least have it ^.^. I'm putting the rules down here too so we don't have too much confusion and nobody yells at me :p.

- There's really small pumpkins AND cupcakes hidden around the halloween area, they won't be anywhere past the giant trees so don't bother looking anywhere past that. They are very small, so yeah it'll be hard and yeah you'll have to walk around lol.
- The pumpkins are free for all so if you find em you get em, you can pick up as many as you'd like.
- The cupcakes are a bit more complicated, they include designs and stuff that was donated which is no copy, so once one is found it's gone. To make it fair, you can only pick up 4. Theres LOTS of these so hopefully everyone can walk away with some ^^
- That's basically it, its a halloween party so dress up if you'd like! ^^ and pleaaase please be nice to anyone else there, I would hate for this to be our first and last hunt. The sim will be open at 6pm slt on Sunday which is when the party will start, till...well however long lol. The pumpkins will stay until Halloween so if you can't make it you can find those at least :) Hope to see you there!

LM to the hunt!


Nereisse said...

I'm guessing the Cubic Effect dress posted earlier is in a cupcake and not in a pumpkin? :-(

Gosh I'm hoping I can find that one...

Cailin Navarathna said...

It is in a cupcake, but Calista went out to get a few more of the dresses to put in more cupcakes so everyone has a bit more of a chance to get the yummy dress. :D I can't wait to see you there!

/me is so excited.

Nereisse said...

Me too! I was so thrilled to read the message about the hunt! Sadly six pm will be too late for me... Middle of the night.