Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Mood

Lately I've been wondering where those bubbles chairs with those cute poses were coming from. I seem to see them everywhere! Finally my friend Sai, owner of Imperial Elegance, took pity on me and told me where to get them.

Well I was so surprised to learn you could get them in a lucky chair at Happy Mood! There are two lucky chairs in the store and both have the bubbles in them. The letters change every 10 minutes, the time counter is broken however so it will always show 7 minutes remaining.

Those pictures are just there to show you the six bubbles you get in the chair and the poses that go with them, don't look at the clothes, hair or shoes for freebies ^^ :

The surl should get you in front of the lucky chairs, if not at the landing point just enter the big sphere store behind you. When you've passed the entrance jump on the platform to your left to get to the chairs. There are two chairs that look like trees' stumps.


Sai Pennell said...

\o/ Glad you finally got them! They are so much fun :D

Anonymous said...

They are! I love my bubbles :D
Thanks again Sai *glomps*