Thursday, October 16, 2008


These awesomesauce legwarmers make me all tingly.

Nerds, Gobstoppers & Sweet Tarts is what's strapped on these, which just happen to be three of my favorite candies. I'm not a chocolate kind of girl - anything chewy or fruity (or the combination of the two.) and you have my attention. Chocolate? Makes me gag unless its paired with something; nuts, fruit, or mint chocolate chip ice cream. But these candies hold a special place in my heart next to Georgio's pizza and my mom's macaroni and cheese. I still think she left out an ingredient when she gave me her recipe..

Anyway! Moving on to the other goodies Riddle has at the store along with these yummy legwarmers.

Yay for pink briefs and cute but simple t-shirts!


Shirt, briefs, & legwarmers: Riddle

Hair: Teku Teku autumn freebie

Not Free

Skin: Free Speerit


Calista Janick said...

:o! se legwarmers are so cute I need to go get them like right now !!! LOL. and you're so kicked in the butt if you don't like chocolate cupcakes lmao.

ok hurry home Bai!