Monday, October 6, 2008

First Baking Cupcakes Party!

I'm callin it a party cuz it's more so than a hunt lol. But on October 22nd, at 6pm SLT we will be having a halloween party! There will be a mini hunt, and giveaway with loads of awesome gifts from stores such as, CE Cubic effect, Catnip, B@re Rose, and more! So make sure you put on an awesome costume and stop on by ^^! I'll be putting out more details as time goes on. So that's what's been goin on lately with me, I have a whole sim to decorate lol. if there are any designers who would like to participate, or any people who wanna help out send me an IM! ^^. It'll be a lot of fun for sure. I haven't gotten any stuff for men cuz I'm not sure if there's enough guys that read this lol, so if you feel differently let me know and I can get you guys some nice stuff too!

Heres one of the dresses you can find, its from Cubic effect and I love it! <3!!



Merrick Thor said...

Howdy Calista!
Some of us guys follow you Cupcakes & your misadventures ... to be honest, I get tired just watching the amount of blogging you girls do and the great freebies you find on a daily basis - where do you find the time???
Y'all know how much I love to dress crazy, so of COURSE I'll be at your party! XD
So okay, that's what? ONE guy? LOL!

Calista Janick said...

LOL, hey Merrick!
Out of every guy I know I would totally expect you....and Bone to read this blog :p!! Anyway the party will be fun, and there will be a hunt but ...I mean I'm sure that white dress from Cubic effect would look great on your figure :D

and no you won't be the only guy there :p...sorry to bust that dream bubble!