Saturday, October 18, 2008

Candy Corn

OMG you guys. My 100th post!

Katat0nik has a new lucky chair that rotates two variations of the same dress; Katty it's called, and I have never felt more intensely about a lucky chair. xD I've only gotten the white version of Katty, so i'm staking out as we speak to get another C. The first time I tried, (and I was waiting for a good two hours beforehand,) another C tped in about 5 minutes earlier and took teh chair because I was too laggy. So please, save the hair being pulled out and remember chair etiquette guys.

Biggest Most Important Rules:

1. If there is already another C, X, D, whatever your letter is, there; be fair and let them take the dress. It's just plain rude to sit down after they've been waiting for a good 5 hours.
2. Please, if the store is busy, take off any excess prims you have on. It just lags us all down and makes people bitter towards you, so contribute to SL and GO NAKED! Woooh.
3. If you already got all dresses, unless you're there for moral support with your other friends who unfortunately haven't gotten the dress yet, tp outta there to reduce lag.

On to this magnificence of a dress.

Mmmphf. I know. Please tp in and help us out! We've just about gone crazy as there isn't a really large crowd. We can use it. I'll probably be there all day, so say Hai!

Dress: Katat0nik in the lucky chair.

Boots: Katat0nik with the other freebies by the steps.

Not Free

Hair: Deviant Kitties; 200L

Skin: Free Speerit