Friday, October 10, 2008

Let's play catch up!

(WARNING: long post ahead.)

Well, remember how I was saying in an earlier post how busy I was with RL recently? I'm still feeling those repercussions - catching up on hunts, group gifts, news, the works. Today you'll be going through the ordeal of group gifts with me! Please bear with me if you have already seen these as i'm a bit late, but if you haven't seen these creations then you be in for a treat. \o/

First off we have the new Truth skins - she sent out five free shades of the skin and they're all beautiful. Along with the skins, she also sent men's tank tops; drag your significant other, (or go get it Merrick, if you're reading. LOL) to get these fab shirts. I would show them to you but I don't have a male alt atm.
Hair: 1L at Truth

Skin: Truth; click the subscribo at the front of the store, join, go into history, and its the most current notice.

Next we have this cute little piece of halloween themed jewelry sent out by none other then Dark Mouse. I normally don't like spiders.. evar, but it's cute. When you get to the rez point, click on the subcribo and go to town. You should know what to do by now! lawls.

Necklace: Dark Mouse Jewelry

And HERE we have a corset piercing that comes in about 4 different styles, sent out by Frick! She sends out gifts to her subscribo group often, whether its skins or piercing like the one above. When you tp to her store take a look around as well - her skins are usually no more then 90L and there are plenty of dollarbies!
Earrings: Talisman
Corset Piercing: {frick} subscribo

This absolutely elegant dress is the new group gift from Alchemy, which I advise all of you to get for your next outing. Outing?! What am I saying. I sound like a old and stuck up lady. *grabs her cup of tea and sticks up her pinky finger.* On with it then you say? I suppose.

Dress: Alchemy subscribo

Not Free

Hair: Truth
Skin: Free SpeeritLast but definitely not least we have the new Tousled group gift, with these choice colors commemorating Halloweenie! The good thing about this though is it's not a seasonal gift - you can wear it and look like you're celebrating in the fall, but wear it at any other time as well and you will just look cool as hell. If you don't like the pumpkin colored highlights, she also sent out blonde highlights.

Hair: Tousled subscribo.

And there you have it! Happy freebie hunting!

*falls over onto her couch and catches up on Grey's Anatomy.*