Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bit of a lot!

I have an assignment due tomorrow so I'm in a bit of a hurry so here goes!

First don't forget that this dress is available for 2l since today at Cilian'gel

Those two ponchos can be found in Ray Skin. The purple one along with other colors you can get by camping 20 minutes and the yellow one is a dollarbie in the cart next to the camping chairs. At the landing point go through the store to its backyard to find the camping chairs and dollarbie.

Chic Boutique has some really cute lingerie for 0l. At the entrance of the store walk straight to the fountain then turn right and then in small corner to your right again to get to the freebies' section.

And last but not least Elvie's Closet's lucky chair has reached its final destination. Come get it here. The letter change every five minutes so it should be yours quickly!

By the way we are interested in your input as readers. Do you prefer posts like this one with lots of releases at once or would you rather we do as we've done so far and make a post for each freebies? Let us know either in the comments or in world!

And now I have to get working on that assignment!

Non free stuff:


Natasha Burke said...

I like lots of releases at once personally but I do know it's hard to do that sometimes. =)