Sunday, August 31, 2008

Axis Mundi!

Thanks to lovely Aisuru Reiko, I was informed of the Axis Mundi hunt lasting until the first.


*Turquoise circle contains: Turquoise Cupcake Undie Tank by WEBER*
Red circle contains: *katat0nik* (red) Ghostfire Dress*
Rose/Purplish circle contains: Rose colored Blue Flower Gloves by WEBER


Hunt is from Aug 30-Sept1
There are three different round prize boxes for this hunt & 3 tiny white Axis Mundi logo boxes. The round ones are colored turquoise, red, and rose. Each color has a different prize. There are around 230 of EACH COLOR hidden around the Axis Mundi sim - approx 660 total prizes. TAKE ONLY ONE OF EACH PLEASE, and READ THE RULES & FOLLOW THEM :D

*Rules & Tips for the round colored prizes:

1. Search the Axis Mundi sim for colored circles like the ones pictured above. They will NOT be hidden inside shops but might be on the outside of a shop (ie, on the wall, roof, etc.) You will also find these prizes on the ground, on trees, and there might be a few random ones I accidentally rezzed in the air. lol.
2. When you find a colored circle, get within 3m of the circle and click it (you MUST be within 3m of the prize when you click it if you want the prize!!) Once you click the circle, it will disappear and the prize will go into your inventory. PLEASE TAKE ONLY ONE OF EACH COLORED CIRCLE. If you find more than one of a certain color (ie you find two red ones), be courteous and leave the extra one for someone else to find. I know it's easy to get excited and rush to click anything you see, but if I see you taking an unreasonable amount of the same prize, I WILL kick you out of the hunt. I receive a message every time a prize is found and will be watching for cheaters so things will stay fair for everyone.
3. Do NOT ask me or 713 Ayres for hints on where the prizes are, we can't help you.

*Rules & Tips for the Tiny White Axis Mundi logo boxes:

There are only 3 tiny white boxes with the Axis Mundi logo hidden on the sim. They will probably NOT be easy to find. Each of the white boxes contains 1 of the prizes hidden in the colored circles, but these prizes are $1 instead of free, and multiple people can buy them. These are sort of a backup prize in case all the 660+ colored circles get found.

And again, please do NOT ask me or 713 Ayres for hints on where the things are hidden, and please do not IM us saying things like "I looked for 15 minutes and didn't find anything!" or "I have two of the prizes but I can't find the 3rd, gimme it!" THIS IS A HUNT, if you do not want to spend time hunting for prizes, you are more than welcome NOT to participate! :D

And here is the things you will find on the hunt!

Dress, gloves, and cupcake tank: Axis Mundi Hunt
Jeans: Viva La Glam

Not Free
Glasses: Viva La Glam; 100L
Hair: Deviant Kitties at the 2008 Hair Fair; 200L
Skin: Curio; 1000L
Shoes: Pixel Mode; 350-400L