Friday, August 29, 2008

Pirate's day at the Cassiopeia Isle sim

Arr, me hearty! I found loot! Pirate's day at the great grand Cassiopeia Isle sim! Aye me matey 'tis lucky! By the powers and 'tis only from 0 to 25 doubloons. It's a fine booty mate! So don't be a scallywag and head on down there lasses and mates!

'tis a fine loot too have a look! No swashbucklin' over it or I'll send you'll to Davy Jones' locker!


softtouchblog said...

Hey luvs, i am glad you enjoyed our skins!! I am very happy to see ppl like yourself, blogging the store.. this is where the Skins are located at the hunt xoxo Thanks again, Soft Touch Skins

Laleeta Xue said...

Oh I loved the skin and you were so generous too, it was a great surprise to find them :D

softtouchblog said...

wait til you see what happens if we hit 1000 subscribers