Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pickin' Daisies


Welcome to the Bewitched Hair and House of Heart end of summer hunt, Pickin Daisey's! Lots of little goodies have been placed all over the Tropical Escape & Lemon Island sims with various goodies in them, such as skins, jewelry, hair, clothing and poses. All items have been provided by the awesome designers who share the Islands with us and who make your shopping experience what it is while you are here. The Daisey's are hidden in various spots with various colors and sizes as well as degree of difficulty. Make sure you walk around the areas so you will be close enough to rezz since some of them are quite small. Also a lot of the Daisey's are hidden, after all, with such great goodies we have to make you work a little for them...hehehe. So be sure to check behind things and in nooks and crannies and to remember the Daisey's could be a color to make them blend in better *wink*.

DO NOT pass around notes with coordinatesYou can shout hints to items if someone asks but please try not to shout out exactly where an item is...the hunt is meant to be fun for you all as well as for us designers
Anyone being disrespectful will be ejected...meaning no begging, profanity (keep it within your party), nudity, solicitation, cheating, etc...If you see or hear someone doing these things please contact Sheltered Heart of Fallinmy Webb. Both sims are classified as mature but they are PUBLIC and as owners it is our prerogative :D
Participating designers (as well as Bewitched Hair & House fo Heart)

Body Doubles
House fo Nyla
Fickle Fee
Blacklace (& Alphamale)
Haute Style & Co.
Rare Breed
Zaara Indian Couture
A Piece fo Candy
Jezzebel Rock
IC Skins
Laynie wear
OA Designs
I can't give you the coordinates, (because that would be cheating.) but here are some of the fabulous things you will find on the hunt.
Everything in the pictures are free & from the hunt (Even poses!) except:

skin: Curio; 1000L

Shoes: Pixel Mode

Anddd.. Here's the links to the hunt!: Tropical Escape & Lemon Island