Monday, August 18, 2008

Day of the skins

As promised here is another post for you!

First is this beautiful swimsuit from Saint Sinner you can find it on your right when you enter the store. This beautiful skin from Ju Ju's closet and Weird Monkey is a bit trickier to find but well worth it, when you arrive in front of the store just go left to the open air display of skins and you will find the skin there for 0l.

Next is this beautiful dress from Twisted Rose in the counter right in front of you when you enter the store.

Here is a close-up of the skin I'm wearing, it's a dollarbie you can find on the first floor of A Piece Of Candy along with a LOT of other beautiful skins for 1L.

And last but not least if you haven't joined the Tuli update group do so now! You'll then have access to the gorgeous Elizabeth fat pack! Group entry costs 210l but it's well worth it. Here is a little pic just to make your mouth water.

Now if you will excuse me the sand at Sleek is waiting for me!

Non free stuff:
Shape from SOUL
Eyes from Hal Hina
Hair from ETD