Friday, August 29, 2008

Passionate Neko Dreams hunt

Ahoy me matey! 'tis your captain again! Another great grand hunt at PND! The loot is a fair one aye and for only 1 doubloons!

On a less free note but still on a pretty good deal one you can find this outfit in three chest around the store in black, pink and red. To buy the chest you will have to pay 30l today, 60l saturday and 100l sunday. It's one of the new release from PND and entirely worth buying for 30l IMHO.

Things we blogged about before:

Non free stuff:
Shape from SOUL
Hair from Deviant Kitties


Anonymous said...

Hey, where did you guys find the cute outfit in the first pic? I found the top and skirt for $1L each -- but it doesn't have the cute bows on it and underskirt. I did find that outfit on a sign outside, but it was for $50L. Is it somewhere else for just $1L?

They've also hidden two "dead dollies." Did anyone find Dolly No. 1? No. 2 is right outside the store.

XO, Emerald

Anonymous said...

Hey Emerald! The outfit is my memory serves me right was on the first floor but I can't be sure about it! So many hunts I'm starting to lose track :D

As for the dollies I don't see which one it is, maybe it was an update since the time I went there :)