Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day Of the Subscribos!

Bleh, I know there hasn't been much posting going on, but i've been a busy busy girl trying to find things that haven't been posted on other blogs. Its no easy task either. But behold! Alchemy has a new subscribo gift, which is a tres adorable little polka dot dress that I would love to have in RL, even though I would never have anywhere to wear it to. I would only roll around with it on in my room during my spare time. The norm. Erm.. On to the pictures!

Scrumptious Dress: Alchemy in the subscribo. Click to join, click again for history, and look at the most recent notice.
Jackie O Shades: link here! Another subscribo gift from WW Industries. Its a bit deeper in there, but its there.
Skin: {Frick}
Non Free Shtuff
Hair: Armidi