Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bliss Couture & A Hunt

Bliss Couture has a new group gift out, which just screams sporty. Its rare to come across a dress that has that type of style to it, and ever rarer to come across a NICE dress that has it, but she pulled both off. Tankz Amutey Decuir!

Dress: Group gift from Bliss Couture
Skin: Tuli - free from the Bricolage Hunt (Today is the last day, so go and get all the great treasures and trash! Yes, there is a trash bag.)

Remember, all you have to do is search up Bliss Couture, join the group, and look in the notices. BAM! You get your dress. Next on the list is the hunt at Giusia's Corner, where white gift boxes have been placed in obvious places around the store - a very easy and rewarding hunt. The gift boxes cost a linden, so go prepared for that.


Dress, bracelets, gloves, skin and necklace: Giusia's Corner Hunt


Shoes, shirt, shorts, skin and bracelets: Giusia's Corner Hunt

Heres a close up on the shoes so you can see the yummehness of it all.


Shirt, skirt, gloves, skin, and bracelet: Giusia's Corner Hunt

Non-Free Things in the Pictures
Hair: Armidi

Leg Warmers: Deviant Kitties - 75L if I can remember correctly.

Ears & Tail: Snatch 250? LOL sorry but i'm offline and too lazy to freeze up my computer again by going back inworld.