Sunday, September 21, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole hunt

Previously we blogged about the Down the Rabbit Hole hunt prizes locations. I thought it was time I gave you a look at the prizes! Mostly furniture, accessories and shirts but you have one or two outfits in there that you can see me wearing in the pictures. Once again Kahei helped me model the poses so don't look at his outfit :)

The shoes I'm wearing are not part of the hunt but where in the Adam and Eve hunt of yesterday. Otherwise everything that isn't free is the same as on this blogpost.

For help with locations of the prizes or on how to get started with the hunt go back and check our previous post. Most of the prizes locations are correct but some designers changed the prizes locations last time I was there. I corrected the surls once again but you never know. If that is the case drop me an IM in world or a comment here :)

And now without further ado have a look at the prizes: