Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do you want your fortune told? How about a Freebie!

Grab all your friends and head down to Katat0nik! Theres a fortune teller there, you get two people to sit on the seats and she rates your "Mystical Connection" and if you get 100% you win a gorgeous dress! Here we are posing the dress with one of our readers! Miang Quan *waves* We all won the dress ^^
Not very many people won today lol its a tough one! But keep tryin and you'll get it! TP in everyone you know! LOL


Annittakk said...

Thanks Laleeta for linking my blog in your blogroll! And congrats to all members of group by the great work making here and in SL...

See you in slworld girls! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks again and it was funny meeting you in world seconds after you posted that comment :D