Sunday, September 28, 2008


Dear readers,

Due to some things that I need to take care off in real life I won’t be blogging in the coming week or so. I will be online I’m sure but won’t have the time to look for freebies I’m sorry. I will still be available for questions so feel free to contact me in world :)

I think that Calista and Cailin will continue to update as usual so don’t worry and keep checking the blog!




Emerald Wynn said...


We will miss you here!

Freyja Brim said...

I hope everything is ok, Lalee. Hugs.

Takeshi Ugajin said...

Come back soon :( will miss you ...

CeN said...

Good for you Laleeta.
You've been working so hard on this blog it's only fair you need a few days to take care of some other stuff in RL and SL (congrats on your new SL home!)
I'm sure we can all survive a few days without your great finds, but not too long! LOL