Thursday, September 25, 2008


My great friend Cen showed me a place I didn't know of yet, DeFleur. It's a mediaval clothing store. Anyway if you are thinking of picking up roleplaying and don't want to buy an outfit that's definitely the place you should check out! They have some nice gowns that will do the trick.

While there click on the subscribomatic at the entrance of the store to get a free dress and boots in its history. Can't find them in my inventory anymore but they looked good on Cen :D !

Non free stuff:
Hair from Frangipani
Skin from Tuli
Shape from SOUL


Tae Baxton said...


I was until the store but I did not find these medieval dresses . They are free?



Anonymous said...

Yes Tae,

When you land in the store just walk straight to the back of it. You should see a round stand with lots of dresses on it. The dresses are there and for 0l :)

If you need more help IM me in world :)

Tae Baxton said...

Thanks Laleeta...

Tae :)

Anonymous said...

My pleasure!