Friday, September 26, 2008

Cailyn's hunt and locations

Cailyn Miller from Cailyn's was kind enough to notice me about a hunt going on in her store. I would be lying if I said I knew her store before but I'm glad I do now! She does some really nice jewelry and I'm sure I'll be going back.

Anyway you will be looking for 15 jewelry boxes in her store and like Cailyn says herself "I am the mistress of tiny prims... and also an evil bitch ^_^. The jewelry boxes are everso teeny small... so you'll need patience and lots of camming to find them all!". Since I got them all I will be sharing the locations after the pictures. I'm assuming Cailyn won't mind since she didn't mention locations sharing in her notecard ;)

The lingerie in all the pictures and chair and posing in the last two are part of the hunt as well. As usual don't look at what Kahei is wearing it's not part of the freebies :)

Hunt ends midnight PST on Wednesday 1st November, have fun!

Hunt locations:

I numbered the prizes as I went along finding them in the store, so the number one here may not be the prize number one in world. I got number 15 (prize 12 in world) thanks to Holic.

1)The big jewelry box next to the hunt board

2) Behind boxes

3) On board's edge

4) Under lucky chair

5) On railing around the pool

6) On top of board

7) In corner

8) On yellow jewelry board edge

9) Near cat's front paw

10) Under light

11) On the tree

12) On edge

13) On board's edge

14) On wall's edge

15) On the writing really hard to see (thanks Holic for sharing!)

Non free stuff on Laleeta (hey that's me!):