Friday, September 19, 2008

Down the Rabbit Hole hunt - Locations

There is a great hunt going on in the Tea and Strychnine store! It's a Alice in wonderland theme hunt! I've had a look at the prizes and they look yummy! I have some real life obligations tonight so I can't go there and get the prizes but I'll do so tomorrow.


Anyway the great Vicious has sent me the locations for the hunt once again! However the hunt is really fun to do on your own with clues you have to follow and such so please try the hunt first before looking for help here for the locations :)



The locations are after this so stop reading now if you wanna try the hunt on your own!


The hunt starts here. Grab your starter's kit, thanks Nickee for the heads up! 


LG 1 (in hunter's kit);


LG 2;


LG 3;


LG 4;


LG 5;


LG 6;


LG 7;


LG 8;


LG 9;


Large Bottle;


GAA 1;


GAA 2;


GAA 3;


GAA 4;


GAA 5;


GAA 6;




Fae 1;


Fae 2;


Fae 3;


Fae 4;


Fae 5;


THT 1;


THT 2;


THT  3 (cam under into tree);


RQ 1;


RQ 2;


RQ 3;


Tea 1;


Tea 2;


Tea 3;


Tea 4;




Sugar 1(touch right locker);


Sugar 2;


Sugar 3 (in water);


Sugar 4;


Sugar 5;


Loony 1(on ceiling);


Loony 2 (next to 1);


Jabberwocky 1;


Jabberwocky 2;


Jabberwocky 3;


Jabberwocky 4;


Jabberwocky 5;


Jabberwocky 6;


Eolande 1:


Eolande2 :


Large bottle in Eolande (next to number 2) :


When you are done collecting all the clues get back here to complete the puzzle and enter the draw:


Have fun!

*jumps in the rabbit hole*


Aisuru Rieko said...

Anyone looking to fully complete the final puzzle is going to be one piece short unless they make the "last minute addition" trip to Eolande. It's only mentioned on a notecard in the hunter's kit, and it caused me quite a headache backtracking. your final puzzle piece is at Eolande!
Ohana Isle 204,55,21

Anonymous said...

So nice of you to post locations for the hunt. A correction...the hunt starts at Alice's Looking Glass and if they try to start somewhere else everyone will be lost and confused. Just search Alice's and TP there to pick up the hunters kit

Anonymous said...

I added both thanks girl :D !
I hope it's still helped some people in beteween your comments though ^^

Juli said...

It would appear that the Loony bin items have been moved or removed. There is no indication in the store that they are participating.

Anonymous said...

Hey Juli I went in world to check it out and you are right the prizes are completely gone. My thoughts are that since the hunt ends today the designer already took them off :)

Juli said...

Dropping back by to say that I know it's not at all your fault and I appreciate and love your blog, but I find it very frustrating that a designer in a hunt which doesn't end til the afternoon or evening SLT would remove their items well prior to that time.

This particular hunt has a sort of grand prize earned through collecting puzzle pieces at each location. If one doesn't have all the pieces, one cannot earn that prize and by this one designer pulling out early, it makes it (As i understand it) impossible to complete - even with the Eolande piece.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is indeed the case. My only excuse for the designer is that the store looks japanese and maybe at that time the 22nd was close to being over in Japan.