Friday, September 19, 2008

Fortune Teller: Elate!

The Elate! Mae dress has been put in the Fortune Teller at one of the Starlust sims for a week. Bring all your friends down and have a chair hopping party like we did last night! :D It's loads of fun getting your fortune told while you're at it. This one requires two people, so be sure you have a partner.

It took me a little bit to hit the jackpot, but once Laleeta logged inworld and we tped her, she was my soul mate. Awesomesaucen'stuff.

Dress: Elate! at Starlust Floyd Fortune Teller
Hurr (in both pictures): HoH in the Floyd freebie room.

Next on the list is some more lucky chair things from Don't Ask! I haven't been down there yet to check it out because i've been super busy, but a folder was dropped on me of their stuff currently loaded in the chair. Sorry I wasn't quick about posting it! I've had RL stuff going on, but now its going to get done. :D I know. I fail. *flinchs as stuff gets thrown at her.*

Tattoos and Arm Band with cigarettes: Don't Ask
Hurr (in both pictures): HoH in the Floyd freebie room.
Necklace: Dark Mouse

Not Free
Skin: Curio; 1000L