Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fairy Tales.

One of my best girls, Lola, TP'd me to a few places today. I can always count on her to find great, off-key places that have awesome stuff at awesome prices (she loves a great bargain as much as I do)!

So, she TP'd me to Hal-Hina first, where they're having their 2nd anniversary in SL. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they set out a free, gorgeous and breezy summer skirt! They also have some special gift bags ($380L/ea.) with an outfit, skin and hair in them.

Mother Goose & Hal Hina
Mother Goose tees (from a 'three tees for $30L' pack) & Hal Hina skirt!

I paired the skirt with some tees I bought from Mother Goose, a new-to-me store that Lola also TP'd me to. They have some really cute stuff there that is more than reasonably priced. A whole little house is full of nothing but dollarbies in it! Skins, tees, shoes! Plus, they have a few lucky boards, two of which contain skins (I happened to win them)!

Mother Goose
The 'Cry Yan' skins from the lucky boards.

I mentioned the house o' dollarbies at Mother Goose. Here are the skins I nabbed from there:

Mother Goose dollarbies.
All sorts of awesome.

And finally, here are some of the clothes I got from the dollarbie house!

Mother Goose dollarbies
Undies came in a big box that was free. Yay! All the shirts were $1L.

Awesome, fabulous goodies...that aren't free:
-Hair: Tiny Bird (though the short messy one - Kissy Kissy - is a freebie at their poop hunt!)

Poses used: (pda), *TorridWear*, Reel Expressions, **KoumB**


Juxta said...

Candylip looks much better on you than it does on me, I almost look dead when I wear it. I <3 Mother Goose stuff, both free and nonfree. I wish there were more stores like in IRL.

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Thanks Juxta! I have never been there, but I think their stuff is great! I'm glad you like it! :)