Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've got you...

...under my skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin *sings off key*


Anyhooo... this is going to be a skin blogpost if you haven't guessed it yet!
My friend Nuuna is selling some of her first creations and made some freebies to go with them, she makes some very original skins and very cheap too so go check it out!

Skins 0l, Nuuna's skins@Vanity Fair (On the second floor)

Far left: wearable demo 1l, Frick
Middle left: Nymph skin lucky chair (comes in 4 tones and freckles option), Frick
Two skins to the right 1l, Staged@Uvogue (go down the alley of stands)

Bikini comes with skins 1l, Staged@Uvogue

Not free:
Poses Pffiou!


Lokum Shilova said...

I adore those fun skins

Dahlindah Destiny said...

I can't find the Skinsin the second picture on the right.
I couldn't seem to find the store.
Are they still there?

Anonymous said...

Hello Dahlindah, those were some skin fair dorllarbies so maybe the skin fair is done by now. Sorry :)