Thursday, August 20, 2009

Somatica Sweetness.

I went exploring around the Starlust sim, Elliot. Okay, okay, not exploring...hunting for clams (for their Panty Raid hunt), when I ran into a new-to-me place called Somatica. On the wall, they had a fetching freebie: a red cardigan, a blue with black hearts panty & bra set and a pose! I couldn't resist buying the yellow companion bra & panty set right next to the freebie (a steal at $50L), either. I can't turn down a bargain, dudes.

Wear it with or without the cardigan! The free pose the outfit comes with is on the right. :)

The yellow bra & panty set is below. I took this pic at home. I was in a weird, silly mood. I got the stove (1 prim), the frying pan with a Sion egg & the rolling pin (complete with an angry wave animation) from for free or cheap.

Chicken and the egg
Damn thing hatched before I could eat it.

Fabuloso, but not free:
-Hair: (both pics) Tiny Bird - the newest releases are adorable!
-Yellow bra & panty set: Somatica
-Skin: Laq
-Stove: Devinwood via XstreetSL ($1L)
-Rolling pin: Old Time Prims via XstreetSL (free)
-Frying pan: Boom Chick A Wa Wa! via XstreetSL ($10L)

Poses used: Snook, KSCreations (70 poses for $35L -- can't beat that!), Somatica