Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brains & cupcakes.

Otaku Designs has an in-store dollarbie at their brand new main store at HoPo. The dollarbie? Some really cute cupcake pasties and panties. As you might have guessed, we here at Baking Cupcakes love us some cuppycakes. Also for a dollar, are the grand opening ladies & gents dollarbie necklaces at the front of the store.

Otaku Designs dollarbie.
Cupcake lovin'.

Nomine is still having a brain hunt at their store, which is where I got the skin I'm wearing in the pic below. The brains aren't free, but at $200L a piece, they're well worth it! After I got tired of nomming on brains, I was lucky enough to win an outfit from one of the lucky chairs! I'm not sure how much longer the brain hunt will go on, but when it ends, the zombie skins will go back to their regular $1,000L price tag.

Will f*ck for brains.

Fabuloso...but it ain't free:
-Hair: Shag
-Jewelry: (necklace) Otaku Designs & (earrings) Zaara <---old group gift
-Skins: RockBerry (pic#1) & Nomine (pic#2)

Poses used: (pda)


Juxta said...

So cute! I am obsessed with both zombies and cupcakes! Devilish Cupcake has a cupcake outfit (actual cupcake, lol!) I think its free as a subscribo gift but don't quote me on that.