Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hmm so... Yeah hmm.
I should stop letting things gather dust in my inventory and blog them more often?
Anyway you better hang on to your socks and make sure your keyboards are in the upper right compartment because that blogpost is going to be loooooooooooooooong!

By the way those Zanzo shoes are from a subscribo where you can't check past notices, but do join so you don't miss the next gifts and notices! It's a great store to keep tabs on :D

Shoes subscribo gift, Zanzo
Outfit subscribo gift, Narwhal

Dresses group gifts, Cilian'gel

Gold and silver earrings group gift, Zaara

Jacket lucky chair, Zenith
Lingerie set DSN sample, Insolence

Lingerie/Swimsuit DSN sample, BeBe DoLL
Pink jacket DSN sample, Fishy Strawberry

Dress group gift, Sn@tch VIP (300L$ to join but Ivey sends gift often and you are always the first to know about the sales and new releases)

And last but not least A-Bomb is having a blue sale. Meaning all their items in blue in their store are set for 25L$ until Sunday! And those two outfits I am wearing are their new releases which are set for 75L$ until Sunday as well before going back to their initial price of 150L$.

Outfits 75L$, A-Bomb (Until Sunday)

And that's it for now! Another blogpost coming up soon though!

Not free:
Poses Pffiou! and Pretzel Poses (couldn't find the LM sorry :()
Hair Truth
Boots in pictures 2 and 4 ETD


Anonymous said...

Hi girls, great post!!!
Do you know where i could get that shape? thanks

Laleeta Xue said...

Anon, the shape I am wearing? It's mine actually :)

Anonymous said...

lol its really pretty!!
Thanks for replying


Laleeta Xue said...

No problem :D