Sunday, August 2, 2009

Profile pick rewards from KA Designs

KA Designs has a new monthly profile pick reward -- a really pretty bright yellow one piece swimsuit for the girls and some blue Bermuda shorts for the guys. Head over to KA Designs and put them in your profile, wait a few days, then go back and hit the profile picks board. Voila! You've got yourself a new gift! The gift varies from month to month. In July, for instance, the gift was a set of skins (male & female).

KA Designs profile pick rewards.
Girl stuff. :-D

KA Designs has stuff for boys, too.
Boy stuff. :-D

As always, thanks for continuing to read our humble blog, and thank you to the designers who continuously spoil us! While you're getting the generous gifts, be sure to check out their other items!

Fabulous, but alas, not free:
-Necklace: Atelier AM & DEN-DOU
-Shoes: Stiletto Moody
-Hair: Shag

Other free stuffs:
-Flower: Rebel X (old group gift)
-Skin: RockBerry (still available @ the main store on Fusion)
-Hair: (on Diego) KMADd (upstairs on level 5) - comes in all colors!
-Skin: (on Diego) KA Designs (last month's profile pick reward)

Poses used: **KoumB**, The Black Canary, *TorridWear*