Sunday, August 23, 2009

HoPo gifts :)

Hodgepodge, or HoPo as it's lovingly called, is a new sim. You know what that means: gifts. I only went to a few stores, as I was a little pressed for time, but what I grabbed was wonderful. Don't let me tell you how fab they are, see for yourself! I'll just sit here and eat my Tres Leches ice cream while you browse the pics of the pretties I scored for free and on the cheap.

From Sugarcube & Otaku Designs:
Sugarcube & Otaku Designs@HoPo
Dress is a group gift from Sugarcube, necklace is a group gift from Otaku Designs in-world group.

Courtesy of Sugarcube & Otaku Designs:
Sugarcube dollarbies@HoPo
Clothes are dollarbies@Sugarcube, necklace is a dollarbie at Otaku Designs.

Earrings & necklace from Ommik:
Lovely jewelry from Ommik@HoPo for the sim opening.

From Kaa Sera:
Kaa Sera flower/candle arrangement
Candle & flower arrangement: $0L, but it is rather primmy (70 p's)

Fab, but isn't free:
-Hair: (pics 1 & 2): :::: IrEn:::: and (pic#3) Tiny Bird
-Skin: Atomic
-Shoes: Maitreya

Poses used: (pda)

**Editor's note: Otaku Designs now has an in-world group. There is a $50L fee to join, so if you enjoy all of the freebies Otaku Designs has provided so far, feel free to join the group**