Saturday, August 1, 2009

Waffles, donuts & other yummies

Goodmorning readers! (See, that's the beauty of timezones, it's always morning somewhere)
Dollarbie hair at Wafflese, Awesome lucky chair camping at zenith (stay seated for 30 seconds to get the prize) and opening gifts at the new Love Soul sim!

BC - Waffles, donuts & other yummies
Long summer dress, Lucky camping chair, Zenith
Alice hair, 1L, Waffles
Pink dress, Lucky camping chair, Zenith
Donut, Lucky camping chair, Zenith
Sugar hair, 1L, Waffles
Sunglasses (color change), 0L, Nala
Orange dress, 0L, SD Boutique
Sundress, 1L, Parallell love
Rising star dress, 0L, Honey*soul
Mahealami shoes, 0L, R2

I'm sure it's also naptime somewhere... Zzzzzzzz.
You can relax in style in the Cabana set from Gwendolyn Bieler! Everything you see is part of the dollarbie at her store, not a bad deal at all! The pose chair (4 poses) on the other picture is a dollarbie from Burned Rice at the Albero summer fair.

BC - Waffles, donuts & other yummies
Cabana set (Deck, cabana, daybed, fan, rug, two loungers & two towels), 1L, Gwendolyn Bieler Interior Design
Summer shirt, Lucky camping chair, Zenith
Summer noodle chair, 1L, Burned rice

Thank *you* for reading this & thank you to the designers for giving out these items.

Other fabulous stuff that was not free
Skin: Hope from Tuli
Hair: Harlow from Truth
Shoes: Belt Platfrom Sandals from J's
Poses: Mela's, Striking poses, Analu, Lap