Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kunglers Kindness

I love Barb & Ava, those Kunglers girls. They love giving gifts out to their groupies! What's more, if you wear your group tag at their store and purchase a specially marked outfit (there's a gold star with a 'K' on them), you get a special group discount! This week, the ladies have done it again with an outfit that is full of WIN!

Fabulous group gift from Kunglers!

Intricately detailed and made with lovely textures, this outfit is gorgeous. Just join the group! You'll want to stay in their group, since they regularly spoil their devotees with gifts and the aforementioned group discounts.

Fab, but it ain't free:
-Hair: Boon
-Skin: RockBerry

Pose used: Reel Expressions