Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's getting hot in here...

... so take off all your... erm!

But it is seriously hot in France at the moment, I am melting on my chair! I hope the weather is more viable wherever you guys are.

Anyway one of my favie store, because it has such gorgeous textures, Seldom Blue has a limited offer to celebrate their new release the Francesca Satin dress range. They are offering this delicious little morsel of a dress on the left for only 1L and as an introduction sale they reduced one of the set of the dress for 100L only instead of the usual 465L. You can see me wearing it on the right and it comes with a lot more skirts options believe me!
The reduced dress pack and the 1L one can both be found in the gown section of the store.

On the left: Dress 1L for limited time, Seldom Blue
On the right: Dress pack 100L only for a limited time, Seldom Blue

I saw this cute dollarbie dress from SySy's on the right on my friend Alicia's blog and I knew I just had to run and get it!

On the left: Dress group gift in store, Little Fish
On the right Dress 1L, SySy's

Now if you will excuse me I think I should go and find a fan to remain alive through the rest of the day!

Not free:
Poses Pffiou!
Hair Truth


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