Sunday, September 14, 2008

Caroline's jewelry

My very dear friend Sai and owner of Imperial Elegance asked me to help her with a lucky chair the other day. I got this great scripted necklace out of it! Basically when you touch the necklace, you or anyone else, it breaks itself. Touch it again to patch it back up!

The lucky chair is at Caroline's jewelry and you will have to wait 20 minutes for the letter to change. Here I took a picture of it, since it's not inside the store, to help you find it :)

Have fun stalking that chair!

Non free stuff:


Anonymous said...

Sigh -- BLAH!!! I hate lucky chair items that you can't buy.

And that chair is a MADHOUSE right now.

I refuse to get obsessed with another lucky chair item. I just gave up and bought the broken ones in the store.

They don't do anything.

I don't care.

"Hi, I broke these pearls after a wild night of sex, booze and rock n' roll."

Cool chair though!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was great for a change! And I love my necklace :)