Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cilian'gel - Pre-opening gift

The owner of Cilian'gel, Cilia Shepherd, IMed me this morning about her store *waves at Cilia*. Anyway her store is opening at the end of september and until then she has some outfits in store. But what really interest us here is that she has a gift too!

This outfit is called "Some like it hot" and it sure is hot! You want to know why? Because the skirts have a menu that allows anyone to remove them for you! Isn't that great? Of course as the owner you have the possibility to disable that in the skirt menu. After all wouldn't want someone to leave you butt-naked in the middle of a mall right ;) ?

At the landing point just walk straight around the floor, the box is pretty easy to spot.

Here have a look:

The sim around the shop is really cool too with great places to hang out and have fun so do drop by!

On a more serious note though, that has nothing to do with this gift of course, we love when designers IM us about gifts in their store. But please if you do honestly ask yourself if you would wear that outfit (i.e. if it's of good quality). I'm sure the reason you want us to talk about your store in our blog is because we do try to blog only about good stuffs so please don't put us in the position of telling you we can't blog about your gift.

This has never happened to us yet though and I hope it never will :D

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