Saturday, September 13, 2008


Rha! has a freebie out thats cute, but the top is rather sheer. If you're a bit modest like me you'll wear a bra under, but if you want to feel free, well then.. feel free to go bare! :D
Outfit: Rha!
Shoes: They were originally from IBizarre and I picked them up a looong time ago -but the LM isn't working so if anyone could drop a working one on me that would be great. :D

Not Free
Skin: Curio; 1000L
Hair: Deviant Kitties; 200L


Anonymous said...

This outfit will look awesome over a lot of my useless SL lingerie that no man ever sees.

(and the violin plays here)

Anonymous said...

A heads up -- I guess the gift-giver isn't working -- you click on the outfit board and select it but nothing happens.

Cailin Navarathna said...

All you have to do is touch it - are you trying to select buy? I'll go check it out, but make sure you were just giving it a little tap. :D