Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something a bit different - Hunt at Hollywood Gestures


Don't get mad at me!

It's not my fault...

...if you are having relationships issues!

No I haven't gone crazy, this is just the best way I thought I could introduce the best hunt ever! In world I loooooove gestures so when the lovely co-owner of Hollywood Gestures, *waves to JessStar*, IMed me about a hunt going on at her store I had to check it out!

The hunt will be going on for a month and you will be looking for 25 oscars. As JessStar asked me not to blog the coordinates of the prizes I won't, but they are fairly easy to find so you guys should have no problems to get them :D !

So get down here and have fun with those great gestures! The sim looks great! I even met one of our readers there *waves to Asiaa too*.

On this funny note I will wish you all a great day as my bed is calling me!

P.S: And yes that is my pose stand you can see over there in the background >_<


Asiaa Nightfire said...

*waves back in a nonpsychotic way*


Anonymous said...

LMAO, Laleeta! :D

I'm tired of hunting.

I want Vicious. :(