Friday, September 12, 2008

Sugary Sweetness

Hai everyone! Yes 'm back and I'm blogging again! *tackles you all with cupcakes*
Yeah I know we all love sweets! And I came across this store called SugarCube which has a bunch of nice freebies sure to cure that craving. Here's just some of the stuff I found. The other stuff in the store is cheap too so it's really worth a look, and did I mention there's hair? ^.^

Everything in the piccies is free at SugarCube except my hair (Deviant Kitties) and Skin (Tuli)!
Although there is a free skin at the store too, it's anime-ish but really cute!


Anonymous said...

hiii, where is that pink short you are wearing from??

thanks! and keep the good work! ;D

Calista Janick said...

it's from the same place all the other stuff is :) Sugarcube, it comes with the blue ducky shirt