Monday, September 15, 2008

Treasure Quest

Okay huge post with lots of pictures ahead! The Treasure Quest hunt is a HUGE hunt over different sims with lots of prizes. The prizes are pretty good ranging from jewelry to furniture though most of them are furniture. It's something a bit different than usual but sometime we need to fill our inventory with something else than clothes!

The hunt works this way first go to the starting point to learn about the rules of the hunt. There you will get your first clue for the hunt and then off you go! I counted over 30 prizes on the hunt and I'm still not done. This is a regular event that is organized on the 2nd and 4th friday of the month and ends on the following thursday, be sure to join the group to be kept posted on coming hunts!

Here are some of the prizes I got from there, Kahei helped me model them but I don't know where he got his colthes so don't ask :D ! Sorry if the pictures were not artsy but lots of pictures so you get the point!

Prizes: shirt and bangles

Prizes: shirt, pant, shoes, bangles

Prizes: shirt and hat (comes in black for guys)

A post coming up with the locations of the prizes provided by the lovely Vicious :D !