Monday, September 8, 2008

tReY dOpE hunt - Locations

**Warning: The hunt is great fun to do on your own so if you don't want to know the locations don't read the post after the pictures of the gifts.**

And congrats to us for our 200th blog's post!

Anyway there is a hunt going at tReY dOpE, your mission if you accept it is to:
-Get down to the hunt starting point.
-Get the hud from the board there and wear it.
-With the help of the letters you will find on the hud resolve the mystery on the sim and find the seven letters.
-Once you have the seven letters find the place where you should go to get your prizes.

Amongst the prizes you get a zombi ao and those gifts: 


Once again thanks to Vicious for the locations!

1) Touch the right x-ray

2) Book on the shelf

3) Green bottle on the ground

4) White bottle on the ground

5) Picture on ground

6) Touch the corpse

7) Look for the blue herb

Once you are done head to your final location:

Once there touch the spider's web and teleport to the place. Put the green bottle, the picture and the blue herb in the pink machine and get the prizes!

Hope you have fun!

Non free stuff:

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