Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sway if you like eggs

From April 1st till April 20th there will be easter eggs hidden around Sways Village. Ofcourse you will find gorgeous gifts in these eggs.

Red dress, 0L, easter egg at Ivalde
Pink dress, 0L, Shiki Designs

When you are looking for the eggs, you will also notice nice easter bags randomly placed across Sway Village, don't forget to click those! There are 10 of these easter nests hidden in total and when you've clicked them all go to claim your prize at the big basket in the middle of the place. (If this description is too fuzzy for you, there's a SLURL at the end of this post!) For finding the 10 easter eggs you will get a lovely orange dress, with matching hat and a picnic blanket with 4 poses. Don't forget to click the subscribo to get news about Sway Creations. When you join, you will get that cute little bear as a welcome gift!

Picnic blanket & Orange dress with matching hat, Easter nests hunt gift
Easter cap, 0L, Hydi's stuff
Book seat, 0L, Thistle homes
Sway's Cookie bear, subscribo gift, Sway creations

Also in the hunt is the spring dress from Mashooka designs, blogged here & you can get the dress for free at Sway Village here. If you like pugs, Pet Paradise also gives away a Pug and belongings in this Sway hunt, get that here. My kitteh is still young & scared so I couldn't bring home a doggie :D

Easter nests SLURLs

Claim your prize here