Saturday, April 25, 2009

Springy & bouncy!

This blogpost was brought to you from a lovely pool in SL, aaaaaaaah the magic of technology! Anyhoo, while I lay here sunbathing, I will show you lots of summery goodies that are available RIGHT now! Indie Rose has a lovely summerdress out for you all, to walk around in between the flowers enjoying the sunrays. Dark Mouse realised we needed to wear our hair up when it gets hotter, et voila, there's a freebie hairstyle available with texture changing hairband in all the Dark Mouse hair colors! The subscribo from Elate! also sent out another lovely little dress. The skin I'm wearing is this weeks dollarbie from Kosh.

Spring flowers dress, 0L, Indie Rose (in the purple bag on the table)

Skin, 1L, Kosh (weekly dollarbie)
Hair, 0L, Dark Mouse (all colors are free!)

Silvia dress, Subscribo gift, Elate!

Right next to Kosh, there's Concrete flowers. There you will find the bouncy spring outfit & a pack of 10 flower power gloves for 1L only this week. Mischief has three short hoodies available for you guys for free, ONLY this weekend! So hurry or they won't be free anymore :). The shorts I'm wearing were also very much free & come from Area Aurora. There's a wall with 12 free shorts!

White stripe hoodies in leaf, blueberry & berry, 0L, Mischief
Shorts, 0L, Area Aurora
Shoulder bag, 1L, Kosh (weekly dollarbie)

Bouncy spring outfit, 1L, Concrete flowers
Flower power gloves (10 colors), 1L, Concrete flowers