Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free Lovee from Free Speerit!

Welcome back, Free Speerit! It's wonderful to have you back! Oh, what's this? A gift? For being a group member? GET OUT! :-D Yes, ladies, that's right...Free Speerit has a gorgeous group gift out at their brand spanking new store! This skin is so so pretty, it makes me want to melt! Just wear your group tag and click the pic!

Free Speerit group gift
*sighs* I just love Free Speerit's skins!

Along with the group skin, there's also a Wall o' Freebies ~AND~ a "Pay What You Want" wall!

Free Speerit Wall o' Freebs
Gotta love a place with a wall o' freebs!

Free Speerit has some beautiful first generation Kimberly skins on sale for $250L a pop, which is a great deal! So head over there ASAP with your group tag and scoop up the goodies!

Not free:
-Hair: Truth


Jane Primrose said...
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Nohae said...

Ohh, I love that hair flower! Where is it from ? :)

Laleeta Xue said...

Hello Nohae, I do believe it's from truth ;)