Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some goods.

Over the past week or so, I've been contemplating on switching out my good ol' trusty house for a brand new skybox. I had no idea where to look first, so I asked the Queen of the Prefabs, my friend Sai. She pointed me towards Phantom Republic's recent blog post (note: there are two parts, the link I'm giving out is for part one. Part two is here.) about skyboxes. After visiting a few of his faves and falling in love, I decided to keep looking. That's when I turned to From Urban Affliction, I found a wonderful dollarbie called "Los Angeles By Night" which features a lovely view of L.A. At 38 prims, it's perfect for even the most conscious of prim users.

Me, chilling.
Chilling on the couch in my new skybox :)

I like what I see.
Enjoying the beautiful L.A. skyline.

New skybox!
A full shot of the skybox! Only $1L!

*Reale* has a very, very lovely dress out on it's lucky chair. Of course, when my friends and I find a lucky chair, we stalk 'til we drop, which typically lasts for about an hour or so. In grand tradition, we started dancing to appease the Lucky Chair Gods. It didn't work for my friend Sehra. Sorry, darling. At least the rest of us got lucky.

More stalking.
Doing the lucky chair dance for the LC Gods.

Lucky chair stalking
More of us shaking our groove thangs.

This is the gorgeous dress you could possibly win if your letter pops up! It's a soft, delicate gold color and just simply...really pretty! Hehe. I paired the dress up with one of Truth's new hairstyles (not free), called 'Natasha'. It's lovely and seems to fit perfectly with the dress.

The lovely lucky chair goody!

In other newness, Bebae released their hotly anticipated Delilah skins today! If you are a group member, this means that you jumped for joy when Miss Torie dropped the group gift on us, skins in four different tones! I will admit that I am a HUGE fan of Bebae skins. I find myself drooling more and more with each release.

Once again, in the picture I am wearing yet ANOTHER amazing creation from none other than the illustrious Mr. Truth Hawks of one SL's most popular stores...Truth (der). This hair, called 'Willow' (not free), features scripted hair and a scripted bow so you can change their colors! Amazing! I am also wearing these gorgeous tattoos, called 'Sugar Skulls & Roses' by Otaku Designs (not free)! With each new tattoo release from Otaku Designs, I find myself loving them more and more! Also worn, is jewelry by Violet Voltaire. As many of you may know, she has decided to close her store (NOOOOO!) in SL, save for a few satellite stores. Right now, she's having a big sale on most her jewelry. Her stuff is so creative, quirky and fun, I strongly suggest you check it out before it's too late! Also worn, but not free, this beautiful pink dress from Cupcakes. With the tats and hair, it has a punky flair, which I think looks kinda cute. :)

Pretty in punk.

Poses used:

The Black Canary


Nika Dreamscape said...

Holy crap, I LOVE THAT SKYBOX!! I am so getting that right now. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Would love you to post that image of the Lucky Chair dance to the LC gods on flickr (if you have one) and submit to Cult of Ruth Eternal, CORE is all about the Gods of SL!

Ivy Lane

Fiona Haworth said...

Thanks for the shout out on my article on Phan's. Great find on the dollarbie!!