Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alienbear easter eggs

Alienbear is having a little easter egg hunt at all their stores. In total you need to find 7 eggs & you start at their shop at the Best of SL Boulevard. Each egg has a clue for the next egg & they are not hard to find at all, so I didn't include the SLURLs. I do have some tips: when you arive at the Victoria V location, the lm will drop you in front of the Victoria V mainstore. Walk away from the Victoria V store & you will find the Alienbear store. The egg at the Alienbear mainstore is quite small, but in the front part of the store. Give me a yell if you are still having troubles after all the hints :).
Oh and what are the prizes you ask? There's a tiara, pair of earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklace and a belly ring. The upper arm bracelets are in a special store, and you can only get them if you join the Alienbear inworld group. (I noticed that my pic of the anklets are lost somewhere, but they are part of the same set & are gorgeous :D but not shown in this post)

Alienbear easter egg hunt, start here, touch the hunt board for the first clue!

Thank you to my kitty Milou for making a cameo in this post :-)


Anonymous said...

oooo cute!
/me rushes off to hunt.