Friday, April 24, 2009

Tartan hucciE

AV Vlodovic has sent out a new summerdress through the subscribo. If you check out the store, you will also find the blue tartan dress for sale as a dollarbie. You can find the green dress in the house of hucci hippo group, I got it after I joined, so hopefully that will work for everyone else too :D The shoes are a subscribo gift from Periquita.
The denim shorts are from the lucky chair at YMX. They have all the letters in there, so if you wait long enough you can hopefully get the shorts with your initial on it! The letter changes every 2 minutes. They are transfer so you can exchange with friends if you like. I got my pair from a plurk friend :D E is not my initial (asthEnia, I dont think that counts? ) but OMG my RL name starts with an E so it kinda counts!
As usual, you can click the pic to go to flickr & get a bigger view if you like.

Tartan hucciE
Lace mini, subscribo gift, AV Vlodovic
Tartan tube dress, 1L, AV Vlodovic
April group gift dress, subscribo gift, House of hucci
Initial denim shorts, lucky chair, YMX
Tootoo shoes, subscribo gift, Periquita