Thursday, April 30, 2009

A quickie.

Ravenlynn Templar dropped off a notecard on me a few days ago about her store, FirstLook. What caught my eye is that in the notecard, she mentioned that EVERYTHING was $1L. Yes. What's the best part? Her stuff is so cute. Don't believe me? Let me show you a few of the goodies that Miss Ravenlynn has just for you! And be sure to check back at least once a week...she'll be adding new stuff!

Gearing up for need cute swimsuits. FirstLook (L) & SWIM (R)

Casual and cool is the name of the game.

Mix n' match your favorite character tees & panties!

You might be asking...where did you get that cute pixie-ish hairstyle, Pumpkin? If you jump on over to Tiny Bird on the Festivale sim, you will find a dollarbie fatpack of this hair as an opening gift! Tiny Bird, formerly PixelDust, has finally reopened and Miss Autumn Hykova has leashed upon the SL world some adorable styles that you will definitely need to check out!

Blog 043009-1
I always imagined Alice's (from 'Twilight") hair to look like this.

And finally, in some freebie and non-freebie news...Otaku Designs (who also made the tattoos that I'm sporting in all the pictures) released a really cute Kawaii necklace for it's members of their subscribo! The necklace actually made me kinda hungry since it has ice cream and other yummeh foods on it! Go snap it up, as it'll only be available for five days. Heard it from the designer herself. The hair I'm wearing is a new style from Truth (called Willow 2), which should be released today, according to the Count of Coif himself, Mr. Truth Hawks. If you're like me, you get all giddy everytime he releases a new 'do, so be sure to check out this style and the other ones being released today!

New hair <3
Beautiful hair from gifted creator Truth & a sweet necklace from Lola of Otaku Designs!

Poses used:
The Black Canary, Torrid, Imperial Elegance, KoumB, Striking Poses


Anonymous said...

no luck for me on that necklace when joining the subscribo and you just posted this :(

Pumpkin Saenz said...

Hello Anon! Go to the subscribo, touch the little mailbox and it'll verify your status in the S-O-M. It'll then ask you to choose a number for the previously released item you want delivered. Press 1 (it's the only Then another blue box will pop up. Click "deliver" and voila! You get your necklace! If you have any troubles, IM me in-world and I'll try to be of assistance!