Saturday, April 4, 2009

I egg you!

"Oh my god Laleeta! What are these adorable Eggpack and AO and where did you get them?" 
I know hard to resist isn't it? Well for the mere sum of 2L$ you can get both this backpack and ao. Yup that's right! The Eggpack was made by my very talented friend Aisuru from Beloved Custom Designs and I made the ao to go with it for my store Pffiou!.

Just head down to either one of those two stores, pay the vendors 2L$ and you too can look cute as hell with your backpack and ao.

Eggpack+AO 2l, Beloved or Pffiou!
Shirts group gift, Cupcakes
Hoops earrings subscribo gift, Dark Mouse

The outfit on the left is from Phoenix Designs and was free for a limited time only yesterday evening. Why am I blogging it then? So you guys know how generous the folks at Phoenix Designs can be and go subscribe to their subscribo so you don't miss the announcement next time!

Bloom earrings subscribo gift, ~flirt~
On the left: Luthien dress was for 0l, Phoenix Designs
Middle: Marana dress lucky chair (10 minutes), Haute Style & Co
On the right: Swag Bag dress 0l, Sn@tch (down the center alley on the left next to the riot vendor)

Not free but full of win:
Hair Truth (mah Sehra hair)
Shoes 50 Flats